Surinam Airways launches its first trip to Barbados.

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On Wednesdays and Sundays, Surinam Airways will run two flights per week, offering practical connections. This fresh air website strengthens local relationships and promotes financial assistance by establishing crucial contacts between Barbados, Suriname, Guyana, and South America.
The Boeing 737-800, which offers 12 organization, 42 advanced economy, and 96 economy seats, was the aircraft of choice for this exciting project, guaranteeing passengers a comfortable and effective journey.
A CARICOM Milestone
The Hon. Sandra Husbands, Minister of State for Foreign Trade and International Business for Barbados, expressed her pleasure by saying,” This opening represents a step forward for CARICOM to bring to life what we agreed upon decades ago with the Treaty of Chaguaramas to be able to cooperate for our own welfare.” I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has worked diligently to provide us with the chance to make an idea a reality so that the residents of this area is positively benefit.
This connection between the two territories has been in the functions for a while, but despite some difficulties, it was ultimately carried out.
Steven Gonesh, the acting CEO of Surinam Airways, emphasized the significance of the fresh course, saying that it “is an important move to promote the Caribbean nature, make better connectivity, and cooperate.” We are present and intend to remain so. To ensure that this activity is a great success, I want to ask everyone to support it for both passenger and cargo operations.
Based on ties in various fields, such as business, hospitality, and kindness, this step strengthens the bilateral connection between Suriname and Barbados, enhancing business and more boosting connectivity and access to various local and non-American destinations, according to Mr. Rabin Boeddha, Director of Tourism, Communication and Tourism for the Republic of Surina.
Enhanced Connectivity
One of South America’s smallest nations and one of the most culturally diverse nations in the Americas is Suriname, which was formerly known as French Guiana. Additionally, Barbados has an undiscovered business there.
The broader advantages were emphasized by Craig Hinds, acting CEO of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., who said,” The benefits of increased aircraft expand beyond Suriname, reaching into different areas that hold tremendous potential for caribbean.” Examples include French Guyana, but there are also opportunities in Belem ( Brazil ), Aruba, and Curacao ( Wildemstad ).
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SOURCE: Surinam Airways launches its first trip to Barbados. 

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