Vietnam Airlines intends to hire fewer airline employees to increase the business.

In order to support the aviation industry in the face of difficulties, Vietnam Airlines has announced plans to hire pilots and flight staff who lost their jobs due to downsizing at different airlines, including Bamboo Airways.
Vietnam Airlines ‘ CEO, Le Hong Ha, stated that the airline was willing to take into account hiring extra workers from domestic flights in order to strike a balance between its resources and hiring needs.
Due to functional reductions, Bamboo Airways was forced to lay off hundreds of employees, which prompted actions from different airlines. Some of Bamboo Airways ‘ past people have already been taken on by Vietjet Air, but Vietnam Airlines is thinking about giving them more career opportunities.
The decision comes in response to worries voiced by Luong Hoai Nam, CEO of Bamboo Airways, who warned that there might be a worldwide lack of aircraft in the coming year, which could result in fewer aircraft being available in Vietnam. To avoid undersupply, Nam emphasized the significance of maintaining many airlines for the nation’s aviation sector.
Importantly, starting in January 2024, Bamboo Airways plans to switch from Saigon Ground Services to Pacific Airlines, a Vietnam Airlines conglomerate. This change is anticipated to help Pacific Airlines with its corporate restructuring efforts, which have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Ha emphasized that this partnership may also open up employment opportunities for the Pacific Airlines workforce.
For important terminals like Noi Bai, Da Nang, and Tan Son Nhat, Pacific Airlines provides floor service. By helping lowered staff from different companies, Vietnam Airlines ‘ initiatives aim to increase the size of its workforce as well as the growth of the aviation industry.
SOURCE: Vietnam Airlines intends to hire fewer airline employees to improve business. 

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