International Carriers Resuming Airlines to Israel in 2024

Following the start of the military conflict in Gaza, the majority of international flights have either stopped flying to Israel or put it on hold indefinitely. However, a number of well-known global air carriers have announced just before the New Year that they are getting ready to resume their operations in Israel.
However, international flights, led by Lufthansa, will start returning to Israel in first 2024. Austrian Airlines, Swiss, and two other members of the same group will also do so in January.
Following a horrific assault on Israel by Hamas jihadists, the Lufthansa Group suspended planes to Israel on October 9 due to security concerns.
According to a statement from Lufthansa, the company’s carriers may initially offer 20 weekly contacts to and from Tel Aviv, which makes up about 30 % of the typical flight plan.
Austria will have 8 regular flights to Vienna, Lufthansa has scheduled 4 weekly trips to Frankfurt, and Swiss may offer 5 regular flight to Zurich.
On January 1, the Italian airport Tarom will begin flights to Israel, offering two regular planes from Tel Aviv to Bucharest.
The third-largest Spanish flight after Iberia and Vueling, Air Europa Lneas Aéreas, S. A. U., has announced programs to begin operations in Israel starting on February 1, 2024. The preliminary schedule calls for three regular flights to Madrid. The occurrence of these flights is expected to eventually rise to 7 per year.
United Airlines, a major US aircraft, is anticipated to resume operations in New York beginning on February 2, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
Starting on March 17, Virgin Atlantic, a American airline, will resume flights on the London-Tel Aviv path, with an average occurrence of one trip per day.
The UK-based ship Virgin Atlantic has announced that starting on March 17, operations on the London-Tel Aviv route will resume. On this way, the flight plans to offer a single normal flight.
The following overseas carriers currently operate flights to Israel and will do so in 2024: Uzbekistan Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad, Azimuth, Blue Bird, Hainan Airlines; Fly Dubai, Fly One, and Red Wings.
Aircraft services between Tel Aviv and their respective centres will continue to be offered by international flights like Uzbekistan Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad, Azimuth, Blue Bird, Hainan Airlines. Fly Dubai, Fly One, and Red Wings.
SOURCE: In 2024, foreign ships will resume flights to Israel. 

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