New Cessna Citation Longitude is Added to Fleet by Las Vegas Thrive Aviation

With the addition of their second Longitude aircraft, Three Aviation, a contract and aviation management operator based in Las Vegas, is thrilled to announce their amazing fleet to over 20 aircraft. Flexible super-mid airplane Cessna Citation Longitude provides unbroken range across North, Central, and a sizable part of South America.
This innovative addition, according to Thrive Aviation co-founder, demonstrates the business ‘ unwavering commitment to providing comfort, safety, and effectiveness to clients in the private aircraft sector.
By adding a second Longitude to its ship, Thrive is broadening its administrative reach and reiterating its dedication to offering an exceptional blend of extravagance, convenience, and customized services.
A company flight called the Cessna Citation Longitude is made by the family-run business aviation company. The Model 700 made its debut on October 8, 2016, after being announced at the EBACE in May 2012. It received accreditation in September 2019.
The super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude has a 6 foot ( 1. 8 meter ) stand-up cabin, what Textron claims to be the best-in-class room, and exclusive acoustic methods that give the country’s quietest super- midsize cabin.
Additionally, the airplane has a mobile house management system that enables passengers to control window coverings, movies, songs, cabin temperature, and lighting from their personal devices.
The Longitude has a walk-in cargo room, an extra staff jump seats, and can accommodate up to 12 passengers. A double-club settings is typical; alternative configurations offer an forward couch and side-facing seating.
New Cessna Citation Longitude is added to the ships by Las Vegas Live Aviation. 

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