Saudi Arabia is ranked first in Most Trusted Organizations

The indicator used in this study determines how much confidence Saudi Arabian organizations have in one another. An group’s confidence level is represented by an index of 100, with the highest-scoring business receiving a report of 177 and the lowest at 64.

Ipsos, a market research behemoth, published the results of its 2023 study after examining important elements for enhancing business reputation. Important pillars of advocacy, confidence, favorability, experience, and awareness served as the foundation for the evaluation.

The success of Saudi Arabia’s fresh strategic approach, which emphasizes enhancing and improving the tourist experience while ideally investing in digital solutions, is demonstrated by Khaled Tash, chief marketing officer of the Saudia Group, who also stated that the country has achieved second location in the Ipsos 2023 Reputation Monitor.

” As arms of Vision 2030, Saudia seeks to establish itself as a leading Saudi brand and aid in the accomplishment of the goals set forth by the vision 2030 initiative, particularly those related to aviation, hospitality, and society.”

Trust and status are two important indicators for us, he continued, as we work hard to be the best possible ambassadors for the Kingdom. I applaud all of our esteemed Saudi Arabian collaborators and cherished regional partners for their unwavering support throughout the transition process we’ve started.

A single twin-engine DC- 3 ( Dakota ) HZ-AAX was given to King Abdul Aziz as a gift by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt when Saudi Arabia first began in 1945. This was followed months afterwards by the acquisition of 2 additional DC-3s, which served as the foundation for what would eventually grow to be one of the largest airlines in the world. Saudi Arabia currently owns 144 aircraft, including the most recent and cutting-edge wide-bodied jet currently on the market, such as the Airbus A320- 214, Aerobus 321 and A330 343 and Boeing B777 368ER.

Saudi Arabia is ranked first among the most reputable businesses. 

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